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John Cutler

    @Nick Ridgway said:

    @John Cutler said:
    ….sleeper depth at 1.51 mm seems to be about 0.4mm more than C&L….
    ….why not go the whole hog and go to 1.67mm (=5 inches as per the prototype)?…. 

    The difference is the thickness of a piece of paper, which will be familiar to those using Templot to build and mount track and one would normally bury the template during top-ballasting.

    5 inches is the depth of a wooden sleeper in 12in scale; crossing timbers are usually 6in deep, which would be 2mm in EM terms.

    One is always going to think in 3 dimensions when building and laying track.  

    This really has me confused! The average paper is 0.1mm thick +-0.03mm. Does this mean you will lay 4 sheets of paper under the thin-sleepered C&L track to match up to the new EMGS turnouts?
    Or do you mean something different? Sorry if I am thick…..