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John Cutler

    Thanks Paul

    But I do use the triangular gauges the right way round!
    And annoyingly I cannot determine the inconsistency that gives gauge narrowing on the turnouts.
    3 out of 9 turnouts recently constructed have given me this issue; the other 6 are fine.

    The causes are possibly:
    1. Inconsistency in gauge manufacture ( I do have 3 triangular gauges so this is possible).
    2. Failure of the triangular gauges to allow for the rail inclination so the rail springs inward from the chairs once the gauge is removed.
    3. Lack of matching of the blade planing with the stock rail. I have a feeling that this is at least part of my problem even though I put a set in the stock rail. The new EMGS turnouts have a machined slot in the stock rail into which the planed blade sits comfortably; unfortunately this is probably beyond my skill to reproduce!
    4. Poor under-curving of the blades so that they naturally sit under-gauge (again a likely suspect).

    My immediate response (=bodge! This is not P4 after all!) has been to move the chairs out a smidgen.
    But I wonder if a consistent extra 0.63mm of gauge widening on turnouts would work and if anyone has tried it?
    The extra width (0.44mm) of EM tyres over P4 might mean this is feasible.