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Paul Willis

    @John Cutler said:
    I have a problem with turnout curves ending up narrow to gauge.
    So rolling stock climbs up on one rail, rides along the top of the rail and furtively derails much further away causing much puzzlement (initially).
    This despite using sets in the stock rails and the EMGS triangular track gauges which are supposed to provide automatic widening on curves.
    Fortunately I use plastic chairs on ply sleepers so the chairs can be carefully separated with a craft knife and be relocated wider out.
    But this is a pain.

    Has anyone successfully used an 18.83 mm triangular gauge for these curves in EM?

    I haven’t tried an 18.83mm triangular gauge in EM, but that’s because I model in 18.83 anyway.

    Forgive me for asking the obvious question, but it really needs asking – you are using the triangular gauge the correct way around? If you use it with the two legs on the inside rail, it gives automatic gauge *narrowing*…

    Given the extra flange depth on EM wheels, there is no way that you should be getting derailing on a normally gauged EM point. I rarely used gauge widening in P4, only on turnouts like A5 size, not at all for something like a B8.

    Paul Willis