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Stuart Firth

With apologies to the original poster of this thread, as we are way off-beam now, I would like to see this forum as more of a place for general discussion rather than just ‘Q&A’, and I did moot this at an AGM some years ago. Certainly the S4 society forum, open to non-members too, appears quite lively and vibrant, whereas, as others have said, so little happens on here that even I, as a top 10 poster (with 6 !) very rarely look at it. In such a situation, again as others have said, the ability to post a photo would be all but essential. Of course there is an issue of resource, but perhaps, with EM RTR track becoming available for the first time through EMGS, there is a chance of new members and ‘new blood’ in EM generally, so maybe it is worth looking at to help draw in more recruits. After all, we desperately need younger members if we are to thrive in the future.