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John Cutler

    I knew nothing about these!
    So thanks for publicising.

    The SE Finecast website only has details on their price list, so far as I can fathom.
    I recommend any prospective buyer goes to the Scale Link website where pictures are available.

    I asked Scale Link for more info and here is their response:

    “As for our driving wheels, the 12mm/13mm have a 3mm crankthrow – all others have a 4mm throw.

    All of our wheels are all to RP25 standards.

    They are available in 1mm increments from 12mm to 16mm and 18mm to 26mm.

    They are all ABS centred and we have a de-insulator etch available which operates on the back of the wheels..

    kind regards,
    the Scale Link Team,
    Bob Wyatt “

    RP25 are not to the EM standard profile but not far off it.
    I and others use RP25 wheels for EM without too much trouble.
    However Joe Brook-Smith did not approve!

    I hope this helps.