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Paul Willis

    @Andy Cooper said:
    Paul you are spot on with that first statement.

    The depth of understanding on matters IT is also given away with the question about wanting the manual sheets on CD ROM – my PC is a good 5 years old and did not come with a CD ROM as standard from Dell!


    I didn’t think about the CD-ROM aspect. I automatically ticked the box for download. When I have a cheap data allowance on my phone, and EU roaming, I don’t even need broadband. I could access publications anywhere I am (although it does remind me, I do need to download the latest Newsletter from the website).

    But you’re correct. The last two laptops I’ve personally bought haven’t had CD drives. The next will be an ultrabook, with minimal ports and I’ll be making much more use of Dropbox to transfer files. Or a USB key if I need to hand something over.

    I do have blank CDs, and a writer, but those exist solely for sending material to the Model Railway Journal for publication. And we all know a song about that, don’t we children?