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Nick Ridgway

    @Michael Davies said:
    can anyone please advise on the minimum practicable radius for track building. I need to navigate a right angle to access a fiddle yard  

    I’ve built a bit of track in 12in:1ft scale over the years. The over-riding factor is the passage of long fixed wheelbases. A BR class 4 2-6-4T comes in at 4&1/2 chains, dead slow, with check rail spaced at 2&1/4in flange gap and +3/4in of gauge widening round the curve.

    In EM gauge, with appropriate chassis design I’ve managed to get an N7 class 0-6-2T with no pony truck and sideplay on all axles round 14in radius, if that helps?

    It is possible to go below 12in radius with 4w wagons and a Stephen Lewin 0-4-0ST. Second-hand T-shirt now available on Freecycle…