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Steve Young

    Made some enquiries and a couple of points came up. Firstly, the actual loco wasn’t quite as bright in colour as the picture shows. I never had a softcopy so an A4 print was scanned. Secondly the Newsletter was produced using InDesign and the output was saved in RGB as a PDF file. This was passed to the printers. As they use litho printing, the format they use is CYMK. Thirdly several people have suggested that the actual colour was not quite correct. Add to this that colour is a very personal thing.

    I corresponded with Phil Hall over this, as he and taken the original photo, and helped me to dispose of Chris Kedgley items that were bequeathed to the Society. So the outcome of this is that Phil has a tin of Precision Paints Post War Malachite (dull). This is a size that Phil would not normally buy and the assumption is that it came from Chris’s effects.

    Bit long-winded explanation but hopefully this is the answer.

    Thanks to Phil Hall for all his help.

    Steve Young
    EMGS Newsletter Editor.