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Michael Whitchurch


    Hmmm, seems a bit of a dead thread, but;

    I would be interested in the DCC wheelsets, they are what I currently use for BR Mk1 and Mk2 coaches, and in conjunction with Mr Wizards bogie etches give a coach which runs forever when pushed round the train set by hand.

    The only criticism I can make is that they don’t have the holes in them, but if that bothers you then they can always be drilled, but when weathered and whizzing round hidden behind a sideframe it’s not noticeable.

    Also, the 10.5mm version are a straight drop in to the new Oxford Pilchard wagon, OK, 0.5mm oversize, but what is an inch and a half between friends, and as the Oxford bogie seems to be made from a hard plastic, yet again give a freewheeling wagon.

    Mike. 04070.