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John Cutler

    The eye-ball method is exactly the one I first used for the B4. However, tightly curved short spokes, an uneven number of spokes and a lot of solid wheel all conspire towards failure. The B4 failure was not complete but running was not smooth. Requartering using the Bill Bedford jig was a lot easier, especially in conjunction with the mirror, and improved the running considerably.

    Having got so used to the GW wheel-press, I had almost forgotten about my old Bill Bedford jig. But it will now be my tool of choice for RTR wheels. Ultrascale do not like anyone using the GW press on their wheels and state its use invalidates their warranty. I am not sure why (does anyone know?) but I have some of their wheels that seem to have slipped on their axles so I will probably use the BB jig for them (no, I do not have the equipment or skill to pin them permanently in position afterwards). Unless someone has a better quartering technique?

    Incidentally, for anyone worried about soldering up the jig, precision soldering is not required! So suitable for a novice or the cack-handed like me.