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Trade Officer

The method I have used in the past, before I got my hands on a GW wheel press, I got from, I think a Tony Wright video. It is a similar idea as the Bill Bedford jig but just eye balling it

Assuming you are mounting the wheels directly in the chassis:

Mount one wheel, then the second one at approximately 90 deg. Squint through one wheel and line up a spoke on that wheel with a spoke or gap (depending on odd or even spokes). Make up the second axle and put pace the coupling rod on the crankpins. check smoothness of running. Twist a wheel on the second axle slightly until smooth running is achieved. Continue with further axles in the same vein. A bit fiddly I admit and you have to be careful not twist the wheel of true.

Doesn’t work on solid wheels!

Of course if you want to be really pedantic you need to research which side is the leading side 😁 Now that is a debate that could trigger a few arguments