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Bill Eaton

    Thanks Patrick. You and I are in a similar position, I have converted two diesels using Ultrascale drop in wheelsets and have some more wheelsets on order from them but I have yet to tackle a steam loco. I have been following the British Finescale thread on RMWeb for some time and have seen your video previously, in fact it caught my eye as I have a 4MT 4-6-0 and a 4MT 2-6-4 (both Bachmann) and the appropriate Alan Gibson wheels for both, all ready to go. It was interesting to learn that you could ease out the existing wheels on the existing axles and I see on looking again at the video that you cannot see the ends of the axles! I need to crack on and have a go at one of my locos and see how I get on. I look forward with interest to the further postings you mention.

    BTW, the British Finescale thread is very interesting for both 4mm and 2mm scales and Wayne deserves to do well.