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Patrick Hunt

    Hi Bill,

    A bit of background.  I was testing the prototype of the British Finescale B7 EM gauge point for Wayne Kinney in early 2021.   The split chassis 4MT I was converting using Alan Gibson wheels, and following the EMGS fact sheet, was not going to plan for a number of reasons which I will cover in a separate fact sheet or forum upload.  I had an Alan Gibson wheel set for a later model 5MT but, given the issues with the 4MT conversion, I decided to replace the tender and pony truck wheels and see if I could replace the axles on the RTR drivers in the interim thinking the axles were 2mm.  No such luck, they were 3mm to 2mm stepped and I had none in my spares box.  So I simply eased out the existing wheels on the existing axles to 16.4mm (because of the large wheel profile), the goal being to get s steam loco running through the prototype turnout.  It worked but is not the final product.  I will be fitting the Alan Gibson driving wheels, but not in the usual manner, and using the existing motion gear.  Ditto the split chassis 4MT which I am starting again.  I’ll write a note on the method later as I am currently converting my diesel fleet to EM gauge.  So, it was a fiddle to get over a time constrained hurdle to provide a demo.  You can see the 5MT in action at the link

    Kind regards.