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Alan Durham

    Hello again guys,

    Welcome to the world of EM gauge for those of you new to it.  With regard to diesel conversions, yes thanks to Ultrascale they are really straight forward conversions.  The Ultrascale products are great imo although there is sometimes an extended wait before delivery as they are made specifically to order by one man.  Ultrascale do declare the wait times and they hide nothing, in 3 words “worth the wait”.  There are other manufacturers available but I have not used them, so can make no observations.  Steam locos are a little more involved and my first with valve gear to be converted is a Bachmann N, but so far I have only undertaken some work on the tender.  I will post my progress here.  As well as the Manual sheets from the Society for guidance, it is probably worth seeking out you local area group, I am sure that they should be able to give you plenty of support.

    As I have previously said and will continue to,  my modelling and engineering skills are best described as average, that said if I can have some success then I am sure others should be able to have some  I may only be average but I am persistent and patient.  To demonstrate this I plan to soon share some of my rolling stock conversions on the rolling stock forum, to show what I have achieved and how I did it.