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Alan Durham

    Hi Paul,

    My first conversion was the Hornby Austerity which was not overly difficult because there is no valve gear which is what scares me most.  It runs reasonably well for a while and then decides to run irrationally, last time this happened I stripped it down and started again, I am not sure that I am having issues with either wear in the solder bearings in the rods or the wheel quartering slipping out.  I will have another go at it, it won’t beat me.  I have also done a Wrenn/HD R1, but that is on the original chassis so it’s not the greatest of runners.  I am currently working on a Bachmann N, but that has just had work done on the tender including detailing preparation.  I have had more success with Romford wheels on a G6 and M7 SEF kits that are WIP.

    Are you a member of the virtual group over on fb

    it might be worth asking there if you’re interested as one of the admims I’ll look out for your application.  There are a few EMGS members over there.

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