Sadly I must report that John Holden, owner of Liverpool Lime Street, suffered a break-in at his home. The thieves have stolen all of John’s locomotive. Thankfully the layout was not damaged.

Should you hear, or be offered any locomotives, then please take note and advise the Society or phone the Editor. Information will be forwarded to John.

A list of the stolen items is shown below

Stolen Locos
Class 40   D211
Diesel Shunter7093
Princess Margaret Rose6203
City of Lancaster6243
City of Liverpool6247
G2 9449
Scots Guardsman 6115
The Artists Rifleman 6164
Jubilee “Australia” 5536
Jubilee “Windward Islands” 5637
Claughton 6004
Patriot “Southport” 5527
Duke of Southerland5541
Black Five 5505
Stanier Mogul 2965
Mucky Duck 3001
Mickey Mouse 6404
Compound 1189
Stanier 2-6-4T 2596
Ivatt 2-6-2T 1207
Jinty 7402
Jinty 7524
1 F Fowler Tank1725
Princess Louise42
Black Five 5054
Midland 2P705
Coal Tank7699
L&Y 2-4-2 T10950
L&Y 2-4- 2 T10695
Ivatt Moghul 2-6-06412
City of Liverpool6254
Stanier 8F48502
Ivatt Moghul 2-6-06404
Jinty 7587
3- Hornby boxed Black Five’sOO gauge
Stanier 2-6-4-T Engine 
6 – Assorted Main Line Locos 
6 – Bachman BR Mark 1 Maroon Coaches 
3 Draws of other 4mm gauge locos Amount unknown
Other Stolen items
3- “Green Goddess” Tram 
Sheffield “Roberts” Tram 
3- Stock BoxesWooden boxes specifically built for loco transport (Labeled Box 1, 4 & 5)
PA systemCPC System
Merseyside Express SignReplica wooden headboard
Smoke Box number PlateNumbered “6247” Wooden replica
Silver transport boxBox held Tram’s
Makita Multi Line Laser level