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      David Harris

        I am having problems with W – Irons, in that they do not want to fit properly between the sole bars on the kits I am trying to build (Cambrian).

        I have been trying to find a set of dimensions for the w-Iron width when folded up to fit to a wagon chassis.

        Colin Waite W Irons seem to have an internal ‘back to back’ when folded of 23.2/3mm,D&S units seem to be 23.8mm?

        The external width measurements seem to be 23.7mm for the Colin Waite Irons when folded and 24.3mm for the D&S units?

        Looking at the manual sheet 4.6.1(1) I see that the overall width of the W Iron should be 24mm maximum, and that is an external dimension for the W Iron when folded.

        Whilst there is very little difference between the two types when folded I find that the width of the underframe between solebars is 24.6mm which whilst allowing the fixed W Iron to just fit between the sole bars this dimension is not sufficient to allow the rocking W Iron to function properly?

        Am I missing something somewhere?

        Dave Harris

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        Stuart Firth

          Hi Dave the plastic solebars are probably thicker than scale. Their backs can be rubbed on sandpaper to create sufficient clearance.

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