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      John Cutler

        2 or 3 years ago I purchased some solder wire that is 0.7mm in diameter.
        It is 145C, maybe slightly less or thereabouts; definitely not 188c.
        I think it was bought at a local show: Warminster, Wells, Wimborne or Wilton.

        I tried to track it down on the internet but with no success.
        So I have ended up with Eileens 1mm diameter.

        The 0.7mm wire is great for intricate work and I would like to find some more.

        Does anyone know a supplier, please?

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        Roger Cutting

          Hi John
          I have some Saphire solder from DCC Concepts.
          145 Solder 0.6mm
          179 solder 0.65mm.
          Usual disclaimer!,

          Hope this helpful.

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          John Cutler

            Thanks Roger

            The DCC Concepts website shows the 145C solder specification to be 0.8mm diameter.
            I assume you measured yours so 0.6mm is the actual?

            Peters Spares sell this at a discount, but it is still expensive (£5.30).
            They also sell electrical 60/40 leaded solder (0.75mm dia) at 30p a metre.
            A big difference!


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            Roger Cutting

              Yes measured on the solder I have, bought late last year – at Warley.

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