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    Hi James,

    I’ve used the brass fret jig to make a fair number of crossings, and it certainly helps a lot.  Even with the jig however, you will often need to make slight tweaks to the crossings to get everything exactly aligned.  It all sounds difficult, but it’s not – you just need a little patience!

    You may want to also consider buying the Switchblade Planing Jig too.  It all gets a bit expensive I know, but worth it if you’re planning to build a fair number of points.  Still much cheaper than buying lots of ready made items!

    When building trackwork, I always try and follow the prototype construction, and the bible for me is the book “British Railway Track” by The Permanent Way Institution.  My copy is the 1943 edition, though there are later revisions.  Hard to find, but your local library might help.

    Cheers, Paul