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John Cutler

    I refitted the Bachmann motor in the N and it works but the speed is even less than the predicted 17mph. I suspect the greater weight of the loco and the outside motion are a drag compared to the Collett Goods. I am a bit worried about the motor’ s current draw.

    I asked Andy at Micron for advice on using the 12-volt Bachmann/Buhler motor in the N mogul. This is the same motor as used in the 2251 Collett Goods.

    His response is:

    “For the Bachman mogul, your choice for using a higher voltage is either:
    – add a MA003 motor driver to the Rx45 output, or
    – replace the Rx45 with MR601 (now available).

    The 0.4A booster is usually sufficient for N Gauge motors but I have encountered some that are particularly current thirsty. There are only 2 ways of determining: (1) measure the motor current (stall, free running and typical load), or (2) try it and see if the booster gets hot!


    Micron R/C”


    Note that Andy’s own model interests are in N guage.

    Unfortunately Bachmann are unable (or unwilling) to provide data for the Bachmann/Buhler motor. Does anyone have any?

    I suspect the current draw may be too great. For comparison, the recommended maximum currents for Mashima 16mm and 18mm dia motors, plus some of the 14mm ones, are over 400 mA; refer to Doug Smith’s Manual sheets.