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John Cutler

    I guess not many are into radio control yet, so there is not much experience evident in the use of the ScaleFour Society R/C kits. My issue is that the kit consumes far too much volume to be useful for a tank loco conversion. My first conversion of a Gibson 02 drives me spare whenever I have to reassemble the chassis to the body as I spend a good 15 minutes carefully prodding the harness back into place ensuring it does not foul anything. I bit the experimental bullet and bought some sockets from Micron and played around with the idea of replicating the S4 Soc harness with a shorter version. It quickly became apparent that this requires some nifty soldering so I investigated the possibility of using a pcb or similar which probably requires the same but with more potential for saving space.


    I bought a 1.27mm pitch perforated board which replicates the pitch of the kit’s Micron plugs. My original intention was to make up a board that the Micron connectors could plug directly into. This involved soldering three 0.45mm nickel silver pins onto the board. Then connecting these and the holes needed for sockets on the reverse of the board so as to replicate wiring. The YouTube guides on electronics soldering suggest that you do not need wires for this; it is possible (easy, even!) to trail the solder from one perforated socket to the next. As a convicted bodger, I found this to be impossible. Maybe this is because I used a lead-based electrical solder? I resorted to using 0.45mm wire to connect the sockets which resulted in a ham-fisted mess. Despite this horror I managed to produce a miniature working circuit free of shorts. The process of joining the perforated sockets filled them with solder. Drilling them out, to allow access for the Micron connector pins, duly cut the wire connections! Moreover the 3 pins soldered to the board were considerably adrift from the desirable 90̊ so plug connection was going to be difficult. A different approach was needed.


    Requirements for the Mark 2 job:

    1. 1.27mm pitch double-sided perforated board, £8.15 from Amazon including VAT and postage from China (so delivery is 10-14 days).