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Paul Tomlinson

    Cheers, Stuart. For the Y6, I bought a High Level Slimliner at Scalefour Crewe, and one of his 1219 coreless motors. I’ve yet to decide upon the way I restrain the motor, so it allows the CSB to do it’s business. Maybe a loose loop of wire over the far end. I’ll mount a piece of copper-clad under the central spacer and try my hand at making some of the curly phosphor-bronze pickups like Paul W used on his. There’s an interesting article by Will L on the Scalefour forum about how to make them.

    I also bought a couple of RoadRunners, I think, for the Drewry’s, with 1320 coreless motors. They’ll both be rigid chassis, so I’ll use a bit of double-sided tape to hold the motors in place. I’ll write that up when I get round to them.