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Geoff Stenner

    I had a circular P4 layout in the late 70s-early 80s before changing scale. This was 10′ diameter and the minimum radius was 3’6″ and accommodated small pre-grouping four and six-coupled locos. All worked well.

    Having come back to messing about in a very much changed 4mm world forty years later, the reason for considering a souped-up EM standard is that my railway room is only about 2 metres in width, so a tail-chaser layout (which I would like to have after many years of end-to-end working) would have a minimum radius in the 3′ to 3’2″ region, and this time the current impressive RTR locos would outnumber those kit-built ; my experience of the T9 conversion to P4 reveals that everything could be very tight indeed on that degree of curve, so the combination of being able to more easily get down to 3′ radius along with improved appearance of pointwork is what appeals.

    I agree that going the whole hog to P4 should be more worthwhile, but I feel any layout I did to those standards under my current circumstance would have to be end-to-end. No besmirching of any of the current 4mm scale track and wheel standards is implied at all; we all have to choose what works best for us.


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