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Frank Davies


    I have now completed the build of the Pendon ROD’s chassis. Finishing off nearly went as planned although in the end I omitted the centre sand pipes because there was an insufficient gap between the brake hangers and coupling rods to accommodate them.

    It was always my intention to make the valve gear operational, although if things hadn’t gone to plan I was quite prepared to solder it all up rigid. The eccentric sheaves were obtained from Brassmasters and were originally designed by Martin Finney for use in his Great Western locomotive kits. The rest of the valve gear components were designed using CAD and drawn over a scaled Work’s engineering drawing. Rather than mount the eccentric sheaves directly on the axle I chose to turn up a shouldered brass tube (1/8″ i/d) mounting the sheaves on this. The tube was then mounted on the axle using a 16BA bolt to lock them together. Removing the bolt allows the axle to be removed from the chassis, and in the event the valve gear build had not been successful the bolt could have been omitted and the eccentrics would then have become non-operational.

    The attached video shows the valve gear in operation along with the entire MIT (motor in tender) drive system.

    In reality, once the chassis is installed in the locomotive it is very difficult to see the valve gear, let alone observe it moving. And once it is operating on the Vale scene will anyone be able to see it? So was it a step too far? I’ve enjoyed the challenge so for me it doesn’t matter.

    All that remains is to await delivery of replacement (Ultrascale) tender wheels. I will then strip the chassis down and clean it thoroughly before sending it off for painting and weathering. I can then undertake final assembly at which point the driving wheels will be permanently adhered to their axles. At the moment I am investigating what adhesive to use. Up until now I have always used Loctite 601 but I have recently been advised that Loctite doesn’t adhere particularly well to plastic. We still need to be able to remove the wheels from their axles in the event the chassis needs a major service so I’m going to have to experiment with various adhesives to ensure I find the most appropriate type for this and future chassis builds.