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Trade Officer

    @Julian Gascoyne said:
    HI all

    I came across this item in the EMGS stores list. On the face of it a check chair for use when building EM gauge pointwork.

    But why 0.8mm flangeway? Surely the check rail flangeway should be the same as the crossing flangeway (1mm)?

    Indeed if CG (check gauge) + check rail flangeway = Track gauge, and CG is 17.25,
    then 17.25 + 0.8 = 18.05
    and 17.25 + 1.0 = 18.25
    So I don’t think a 0.8 flangeway is going to work!

    Can anyone confirm if these are actually EM gauge check chairs or not?
    And if not, what on earth are they for?

    Perhaps we could sponsor someone to make EM gauge check chairs for us?


    You are right about the fact that strictly speaking the gap should be 1mm. I thought I had removed EM from the description but on looking following your post, I hadn’t. I will correct that. I will also correct the fact that they are ExactoScale and not C&L. Looking on their site I can’t see an equivalent
    I was told the reason behind it but I have forgotten the detail (must ask again). I don’t think they were originally intended for EM gauge – but don’t quote me!
    The issue around getting correct EM gauge check chairs will be the cost of manufacturing the moulds v the likely sales. Remember 1 pack is sufficient for 10 points.
    I have used these quite successfully You obviously need to be careful with BtoB
    I think for the moment we have what we have. Maybe the upsurge in 3D printing might give us opportunities in the future

    Trade Officer