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George Clements

    With the help of Steve Young, I have finally managed to get a password to allow me to access the forum. Best wishes to everyone and I hope you are all safe and well.
    I have been sticking to my resolution not to start any new projects until I have completed some long neglected ones. So far, I have been concentrating on the maltings building on the Montgomery Canal. Having left it for so long I discovered that I have mislaid a sheet of the embossed plastic sheet for the facing. Fortuitously, in looking at the South Eastern Finecast website I confirmed what Peter Shields had told me that they do offer English Garden Bond pattern, which I had not seen at the shows. While the front wall of the building is constructed in Flemish Bond, the sides and back are all English Garden Bond. Very efficient mail order provided the necessary supplies very promptly.
    For some of the architectural detail, I have ‘invested’ in some resin casting materials. Initial results have been promising, but some of the masters I have produced have proved somewhat inadequate, and more practice is required. There are some tricky issues in the juxtaposition of the roofline, involving the overhang of the slates and the placement of corbels, gutters and decorative brickwork. I have had to estimate dimensions, and I shall not know whether everything will fit together satisfactorily until the endgame. I have also laboriously constructed the windows from Evergreen sheet and microstrip and have provided them with a margin which means that they have to be installed from the inside of the building, which presents further challenges.
    I also have some of Dave Alexander’s kits unmade, and a G5 (as a NER Class O) in course of construction with one of Peter Stanger’s chassis kits. Quite far advanced, but needing paint and fiddly bits.