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Gregory Waldon

    A few further concerns. Having played around at various times trying to build track, the introduction of the Society track seemed to be the answer- a better and keener priced alternative to C&L and SMP, and a real start on an EM railway. HOWEVER, it is post 1923 track, that is 8’6” sleepers and 60′ panels. My interest is pre-grouping, as is, I suggest, that of a large number of members. Those of us of the 9’0″ sleeper and 44′ panels brigade will either have to ignore the fact they are using incorrect track, or go back to making it (OK if you have the time and skills). A weathered grey rather than dark brown would have been a better choice for sleepers, and the lack of automatic gauge widening is bewildering, considering it has been promulgated for so long. I recognise that Peco has taken some persuading to assist in this venture, and probably use their own materials, and in no way do I deride the Society efforts, but considering the number of years it has taken, I feel there are some missed opportunities. Is this a true EMGS track, or an improved re-gauged version of Peco 00 bullhead? On a positive note, the turnouts are keenly priced, and will be a boon. Let’s hope the range can expand in time. Some smaller ones would help the space starved.